Writer’s Block #11 Freewriting Random Exercise

It has been a while since I have written.  I have been in a funk.  I have been on the edge or in the midst of a nervous breakdown and completely withdrawn.  Thank you Tom Devlin and Cory (my wonderful therapist who made me dig deep and do soul searching).  I can’t even begin to explain.  Anyway, for a while, I’ve been withdrawn from everything.  I’m not happy and I am totally consumed in the wrong thing.

Right now I am reading a book as I outlined in a page called Clarence.  The book I am reading is well written so far.  It is called Seize the Story, by Victoria Hanley.   I suggest this book for those who may express an interest in writing.  Although it is a handbook for teens who like to write, I think adults can benefit from it too.  I am reading it in hopes of learning more writing prompts.  Of course, I can get writing prompts anywhere apparently.  However,  I came across some things I don’t want to forget about as far as describing characters go:

1.  This is BAD:   He was a dark haired man with blue eyes.  He wore glasses.  He was dressed in black.    The problem with this character description is that it is too general. It is describing thousands of people, not that one specific person that we are zeroing in on in the storyline.    Here is a better one of the same man   YUMMY:   The man’s pale  blue eyes look like those of a speared fish.  Dark hair fell  in limp strands, brushing the smudged lenses of his glasses.  His black suit made his skin appear ghostly.  There are metaphors and similes, really bringing the character to life.  This is very very descriptive.  I love it.  

2.  Another bland description that the book used:  The girl wore earrings and a red dress.  She smiled. (Blah blah blah).  Now let’s spice it up a bit:    Ruby stars in the girl’s ears matched her red dress and set off her caramel skin.  Her smile, brighter than ten chandeliers, shone over the room full of strangers. (Again very very descriptive).

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