Have you ever noticed how a thief can be your average everyday person?  He can come and  undermine,  and you wouldn’t even know it.  In fact, he has the best hand-eye coordination in the world.  Sometimes he can get a way with cold-blooded murder if we and the world around us are in such denial.  He is  probably better than a magician.

I was in a coffee shop in Glacier, Colorado one day, and I remember sitting there drinking a cup of “joe” with my children to stay warm from the chill winter air.  “Crazy Beans” was a family owned business that was doing well for itself in this horrible economy.  Their staff had the right beat for the times, and if you looked a the stock index, the percent showed a good time to percolate into this business of coffee grounds- no pun intended.  It is like a new kind of Starbucks on the West coast but better.  They had the right idea.  They were the Yogo Factory in the Coffee business.

However, like me- and others, the give a penny, take a penny is always there for someone who “needs” it right? Well, like a thief in the night, as I was standing behind this disheveled old man, as the employee turned around to make hime a “specialty” coffee, and grab him a donut, he dumped all of those coins into his hands and gave them to the employee.

I wondered to myself, are times that bad that people can’t be honest with others or themselves or do they, too have someone to keep warm.  Please pray for this man that if he so truly is a magician, he can magic a rate of return so great on others so  much as he’s granted upon himself that  a  job that might come along for him so that he does not need to be a part of this inhumane dystopian society in which we live.   However, it becomes more of a  happier place for him and everyone else around him or anyone he may come in contact with.

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