#25 the doom machine a novel by MARK TEAGUE; play in progress by Nicole Scribner

Jack Creedle                                         Newspaper Delivery Boy for the Sentinels

Uncle Bud Creedle                            Moonlighting Scientist

Laverne Creedle                               Jack’s Mom and runs the boarding house

Sergeant Webb

Mrs. Mousewemple

Grady Webb (twice Jack’s size, and a year older)

Gordon Smathers



 Vern Hollow-1956 at a Boarding House called the Pines- run by Laverne Creedle.  Jack Creedle is a newspaper delivery boy for the Sentinel.  He just got out of juvenile detention for breaking into a school after hours, and stealing a math test.  He did this on a bet with a fellow student of his- Ray Falco- who is in 8th grade.  He was to break into Mrs Mousewemple’s class and steal a math test from her filing cabinet.  However, he got caught by both Mrs. Mousewemple and Sergeant Webb.  As soon as Jack climbed through the window, there they stood.  In fact, the whole thing was actually a setup.  Grady Webb, Jack’s archenemy was in on the bet the whole time.

Act I Scene I

Narrator:  Welcome all to Vern Hollow.  The year is 1956.  Here to my left is where our adventure begins at the Pine Boarding House.  Residing at the boarding house are Laverne Creedle, Jack Creedle, and Bud Creedle.   Laverne oversee’s the operations of the house, and is also known as Jack’s mother.  Bud Creedle is Jack’s uncle and a scheming scientist- you shall find out soon enough.  And Jack Creedle- well you will see.  He’s just doing the best he can with the hand he’s been dealt.  

So it’s the Morning of the Invasion

Jack Creedle:  (stumbling) It’s another day (mopey) (dragging papers onto the porch). Time to get to delivering the papers.(as he heads to the garage for his bike and rides it over to the porch; places papers into delivery basket.  He does this with no enthusiasm.  Its very early in the morning).

Laverne Creedle:   It’ll keep you out of trouble.  (with emphasis)  (she is talking to her son who just got out of juvenile detention)

Jack Creedle:  I know, I know Mom! Can you please just give me a little bit of a break! I’m going already. (grabbing a slice of toast and scrambling out the door, hopping on his bike).



Narrator:  Let me take you back a year.  We are at the park on school grounds, where Ray Falco and Jack meet up.

Ray Falco:  I bet you one month of writing assignments that you don’t grab that test out of Mrs. Mousewemple’s filing cabinet?!  What do ya say Man?!

Jack Creedle:  Really?!  You’ll do my papers for a month? That’s 30 papers total, just so we are clear.

Ray Falco:   Ok, ok.Just so long as you DON’T  GET CAUGHT.

Jack Creedle:  Fair enough. (and they shook hands).

Narrator:  So later that night at 3:00 a.m. things get interesting.  As Jack crawls through the window, he is caught by Sergeant Webb and Mrs. Mousewemple.

Sergeant Webb:  FREEZE!  You are in BIG trouble MISTER!(shining a flashlight into the classroom standing by Mrs. Mousewemple’s side)  Not only are in trouble for theft of property, but because its AFTER school hours, that’s also breaking and entering.

Mrs Mousewemple & Sergeant Webb:  We are disappointed in you young man!

Narrator:  Jack soon learns that Ray Falco- an 8th grader, is in cahoots with Grady Webb this whole time. Grady Webb is Jack’s archenemy, and was a Courier  So yes-  for Jack, delivering papers is a safe bet for him.  It keeps him out of trouble and away from punk kids like this.


Narrator:  Before delivering the papers, Jack Creedle has to get past the rooster- Milo without waking him up so early in the morning.  One morning, when Jack approached the barn, Jack was anything but quiet when the hinges to the barn doors yelped, yet Milo didn’t stir.    On Jack’s downtime, he would do mechanical work on car’s, that his Uncle Bud plainly could not do (townspeople would claim he’s a crook).  In the distance, as Jack was delivering newspapers, this is what he heard-

Grady Webb:  I told him if he didn’t give me the sandwich I’d bust him in the mouth.

Gordon Smathers:  Did he do it?

Grady Webb: (chuckles) What do you think?

Narrator:  Jack sees what appears to be a flying saucer touchdown, as he completes his delivery at Mr. Gunderson’s.  It hovers over an unlit portion of Dutch Woods, and then quickly drops.  Apparently, the dogs were frazzled.

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