She Was His; He was Hers

She was his.  He was hers.  Even if it wasn’t meant for this life.  Their time was compromised by loved ones who needed them more than they could possibly care for each other.  The result ended badly for her.  Her heart was ripped out, even though it should never have felt that way.  But it was.  They had crossed the line that should never have been crossed.  He had said too much that should have been left in the past, and she let her emotions get in the way, even though deep down inside she promised to be loyal to herself and keep her guard up.  Not only did she allow herself to get hurt.  She betrayed her husband’s trust.

She wants to do what is right by her family and her children, but deep down she wants to seek this ONE’s demise as he emotionally haunted her.  He should not be happy with his family either, if she can’t be happy.  She fell. She fell hard.  He took her heart that belonged to another man.  And she seeks to see to his failure.  In her heart of hearts,  she still has feelings for him, and is not happy with his deceptive wife whatsoever.  Why should HE be happy, if he took away her happiness?

Please GOD, change her heart to give her peace and help her to forget what damage has been done.  Help her to understand that he is or was deceptive and evil, and that her husband can still be all that she wants him to be, because time can heal all wounds.  This man is like a thief in the night that is undeserving of her love or his wife’s love. Allow GOD to set her free, because GOD is the healer of everything.  If we only believe in him.

The hurt just cuts like a knife GOD.  She allowed the phrase “while the cat’s away the mice will play” to grip their claws into her, or should I say them? Lucifer really comes in all shapes and forms.  And if you let pride get in the way or you think you are better than anyone else then beware-he will pull the rug right out from underneath of you when you least expect it.  Even  in a “crime of passion” There isn’t a day that goes by, even after she’s unleashed this burden, that it doesn’t riddle her mind.  She is truly hurt.  She is deeply hurt.  She is sad.  She was there when he needed her.  Now she gets a fuck you in return.  She truly feels betrayed.  The only person she could truly trust has stood by her side for twelve years and that’s her husband.  Now thanks to her past, and skeletons that should have STAYED in her closet,  he made her question all that IS– the matters of the heart- the REAL matters of the heart.

At some point, Dear GOD when will you heal this big gaping hole in her heart and allow her to be free again?  She feels like the shackles are still on and the key has been thrown away.  Please GOD release her.  She stands convicted of a loving heart.  Fill her with love for your people so she doesn’t have room in her heart for hatred for people who have betrayed her, used her, manipulated her and deceived her.  In your Son’s precious name, Dear GOD, I Pray AMEN.

3 thoughts on “She Was His; He was Hers

  1. That was very drive. I hope that it works out.

    It’s not always about moving over something, but moving through it. And that is very difficult to do, no matter who you are or where you are in life.

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