SCAMMER ALERT!- Especially for the Singles Market

Yesterday was an educational experience from beginning to end, and should I say from HELL!?  I’ve received quite a few descriptive “I love you” messages- NOT from my husband. That is so not okay.  However, it was a scam.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the dating website- it does NOT abide by federal guidelines and there are no holds barred as to what goes.  They have NO regard for people’s privacy at all.  They are a relationship site straight out of China.  Sorry, there should be privacy standards because what I get into next is downright scary for anybody to go through.

For all you single ladies (and men you aren’t immune to this) out there, don’t let the Username: fool you with his “sweet-talking”  emails. He may be in the military and he may LOOK like a decent person, but whoever is operating his email is NOT.  I was even a fool enough to send him a code for a $25 iTunes gift card that I could have given to my kids (GOD knows times are difficult and they deserve it more than the impostor does).  This is after he asked me what I thought about “sex?”  He asked a married person what they thought about sex.  Really!? I said, “I’m in a vulnerable state,”  “I’m delicate and that’s not something you talk about after three or four days of talking to someone.”  So then he proceeded to ask me if I could get him an iTunes gift card, even after I told him I was on a budget. There is absolutely no regard for people’s privacy or their state of mind.   So YOU STILL don’t believe me.  WELL,  I have a tiny bit of information to share with you that may blow you away.  It may also change your mind. Go to:  Go ALL the way over to the right hand corner TOP and click on the “Pig Busters” link that is in blue.   After you get there, type in the username in question in the search bar in the top right hand corner.  In this case, for example, type in  Then click search.  A picture of him will pop up.  Click on it.  It will show the two pictures that the IMPOSTORS  below his pictures are using to prey on innocent victims.  Furthermore, it will show you the other email(s) used, and the various bodies of letters used, so that you won’t fall victim to crimes like this, such as I have.  If anything, I hope this helps some people before it IS too late, especially when times are tough, like they are now.    No one,    NOT EVER should have to go through this.  Good luck, and stay safe.

From a writer’s perspective, you have to experience it, so you can REALLY WRITE about it.  I went through the motions.  I am married, and I covet my marriage, but I take pride in helping others.  Now I CAN share.

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