Jan 7, 2014 # 6

It was early morning and the temperature  didn’t even reach above freezing.  Life just could not sustain.  You would think that life as it is would just die off, and Earth would be given a clean slate to start over.  No evil would be left to reign in this world of ice.  However, that was not so.  There was one man who had no heart at all.  He had no conscientious. Morals and principles meant nothing to him.  When the world froze over, he survived.  Cryptomax was dark.  Every thought he had was dark.  There was no place on earth or in hell or heaven that would even accept his presence.

So what was one to do if the whole earth, but one evil being ceased to exist?  Cryptomax should soon find out the answer to his incredulous question.

There was in fact another being, but with a heart of gold.  However, she was frozen in time  when the whole earth came across the dawn of this Ice Age that wiped out all of existence as we know it today 3013.  She was fragile and soft to touch.  She was gorgeous, and could make the coldest of spirits faint and weak.  Magna-Glo was her name.

Again, she was at the depths of a far off place.  How long would it take him-Crypto to find her, and when he does find her what would he do with this new found information?

If they are the only two beings left  on earth, what will it take for his cursed, empty heart and evil spirt to procreate with this fragile being?  Is it possible?

Cryptomax will have to travel the depths of the earth and solve many a puzzle to break the ice that freezes her in time and space, but keeps her beauty unscathed from his wrath until he learns to control his evil most being.

No demon great or small could ever turn him as they were afraid for their existence.  He was downright mutiny.  Lucifer didn’t even claim him.  In fact, Lucifer had a soft spot that Crypto lacked.  Cryptomax had many shackles that needed breaking.

Just like a new Ice Age, maybe Cryptomax’s shackles can become undone, and a new era can begin.  He, being the father and creator of many and new saintly generations where magic and fairytales do exist.

However, for that to take place, Cryptomax will spend a lot of time alone, searching high and low, east and west, leaving no stone unturned until he sees the light that burns.  The fire that melts away the ice.  The key to his heart that’s locked away with his one true soulmate.

So just because hell or heaven would not take him, it doesn’t mean all is lost.  It just means a cumbersome flight ahead until he and Magna-Glo are one, and the evil that once was is no more.

Therefore, evil and good can coexist together in a cold place.  First, we have to find the key that fits the unique lock.  There is only one key that fits it.  Each one comes with a special blueprint.

Through time, Crypto will learn patience, kindness, and understanding, and above all else, he will learn how to love again.  That is the true miracle of life after all.

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