Jan 6, 2014 # 5

Sometimes when we try to convey a message to people, it comes out jumbled or misunderstood.  Why?  Because they are uneducated perhaps.  Or maybe they are educated in another language.

A doctor uses his big medical terminology to explain away an illness we may have only for us to walk away even more confused with such big words that we have no understanding of.   However, they aren’t big words to the doctor,  but they are to the certified public accountant or vice versa.  The same thing goes when we are trying to sell something .  We have to research our audience, and know our platform.  Sometimes we have to understand it,  and see it through their eyes,  and understand their language, so that THEY can understand it and see it through our eyes and perhaps not in the same light or in the same light.

This is also the case when we are disciplining our children.  A college educated person using complex vocabulary terms to harshly correct their child should bear in mind that their child’s grammar is rudimentary at best,  unless of course they won some major spelling bee.  Using big words for the average child, without analysis, description, or entertainment, will leave the child angry, hurt, confused and even more inclined to repeat behavior because he or she does not understand until we explain it to them on their level.  We wouldn’t expect an immigrant fresh off the boat to fit into a foreign country without further learning.

So for us English educated citizens with a firm grasp on the English language and grammar,- have patience,  and understanding for the ignorance that may surround you.  Do not be quick to anger.  If you are required to demonstrate how to do something so that they understand the English language barrier a bit better, then that is a gift in disguise.  Give yourself a pat on the back. Enjoy it.  Use those tools to break down those walls.  There is no shame in acquiring new skills.  Change is necessary in such a fast paced society.  Embrace it and be happy.  Communication is key to a happier world.

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