Don’t Judge too Quickly

My wife had a business trip to go on, and her company didn’t give her the best rate in air fare.  So lo and behold, apparently, she “cheated” on me.  It’s all on Youtube, so I can prove it.  I am so mad right now.  You have no idea.

Anyway, my wife was dressed in a nice white button up blouse, and a black skirt about mid thigh length.  She had stockings on and a nice set of heels on to boot.  Here’s the plane itinerary:  The sleeping man had the aisle seat.  My wife had the middle seat.  Naturally, she was crammed in the middle, reading a business professionals magazine.

Unfortunately, she had to get up to use the bathroom, and she just couldn’t wait to get to the destination, or for the sleeping man to awake.  So when she got up from her seat to use the restroom, the back of her shirt caught on the gentleman’s tray holder by the aisle seat. Naturally because her apparel caught on his tray holder, she had an embarrassing incident:  she literally fell into his lap.  It was such a sight, with her legs straddled over his torso section.

Well, because I saw this on video, I was quick to judge that my wife was a whore.  However, that is because I didn’t know the whole story.  The bottom line is:  don’t’ judge unless you know ALL the details.

This is part one of a funny video. More to be added.


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