Divergent Book 1 Discussion Question # 1


DQ 1:  What Purpose does each of the five factions serve in society?  What personality types are drawn toward each faction?  Do you think these factions represent every basic personality type and fulfill all the basic needs of people?  If not, what faction(s) would you create to fill in any gaps?

In Veronica Roth’s first book of three- “Divergent,”  I believe that the purpose of the factions was meant to attract certain personality types at some point in time, but just like in society and politics, parties- republicans, democrats and liberals changed their point of view in a fast changing world.  In fact,  that IS why there is this topic or belief called bipartisan ship-  where all the parties get along even though their views are different, but most of their goals, and generalized principals or objectives tend to be the same.  At least that is the way I would see it in a normal world.  Please do correct me if I am wrong.

For instance, we may choose a different party or faction, but we all want what is best for our children.  At some point in time, the factions will probably have fulfilled every basic personality type and ALL the basic needs of the people.  They aren’t going to starve to death.  And Beatrice wasn’t just selfless;  ( a form of Abnegation) she too was brave, courageous and fearless ( a form of Dauntless).  By the way, there are five factions.  The other three are:  Erudite, Amity, and Candor.  Anyway, as time passes, if we think of Darwin and his Theory of Evolution,  people too evolve.  And the world is ALWAYS revolving.  A dystopian society just means that things are NOT working out the way they are, and they need to be fixed, but that’s been since the beginning of creation since Eve ate from the “Tree of Knowledge.”

Again, although Beatrice (also known as Tris) was selfless, and born into Abnegation, she  appeared to be more of another faction, and she chose Dauntless.  She was courageous and fearless and brave.  But she wasn’t limited to only these two factions either, making her liberal in a worldly sense.  In her society, had she failed, she would probably have been a misfit or factionless.

But we should NOT discredit FACTIONLESS people.  However, these factionless people may just have ALL their needs met because they FAILED to meet a SINGLE faction’s requirements.  Again, similarly to the non-party citizen who chooses neither republican or democratic perspective, but more of a liberal approach to life.  Their views may be in the middle, and they may not agree with either party at one time or another.

I don’t believe another faction needs to be created. I DO believe the factionless need to be used to their best effort.  I do NOT think they are a waste just because they don’t have a faction.  They are much like the liberal party.  The liberal party is useful.  They can still vote.  They may not be able to vote in special elections, but they may be more of an asset than those placed in the factions.  Is it such a bad thing to be nameless?  Not necessarily.  Sometimes the nameless person helps out the greater cause the most.

Therefore, maybe at one point the factions would have proven useful.  Maybe they still do.  However, like anything else, change is a necessary part of a growing society.  There are many different personality types.

If you fail,  you learn from your failures to become a success at something else.  The world around us could be compared to a dystopian society at the rate we are going.  Nothing is ever perfect.

I’m part of the democratic party, but before that I didn’t consider myself any party because I did’t believe what either party does.  There are conservative democrats, and loosy goosy republicans, and I don’t recall that being the norm.  However, the democrats are for the people.  Maybe, just like Tris- a Divergent, and perhaps a group of factionless people ( who may also be Divergent) are also for the greater good of the people.


Today I used discussion question # 1:.  Interestingly enough, I came up with quite a few pages.  I hope my vocabulary improves, and I write a novel that becomes a best seller.  That I would enjoy very much.  I ask you, GOD to allow that to be one of my purposes.  I just don’t want to feel failed anymore.  Please unblock me and help me to become a success and stop with the woe is me mentality.  Love Nicole.  In your Son’s Precious Name I pray Dear GOD, AMEN.

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