Dear Valerie,

Dear Valerie,                                                                                                                               August 6, 1989

It has been not that long since I have written to you.  At this time, you are still in Barnegat, and I am too because I haven’t started fourth grade yet? I guess I am not angry yet because my parents didn’t traumatize me in that horrible move.  I am nine years old by the way.  Well, if I had already started the fourth grade, then I guess you can imagine me fast forwarding halfway through the year and being very upset because I had to switch schools. Ouch! Not cool!  I  I hate Mt. Vernon Ave School, and the kids are just plain mean to me.  So is the teacher.  I miss my best friend in the whole world on top of it all.  Oh well.  That’s pretty much it at the age of 9.  Like usual, my brother likes to taunt me, and my baby sister gets ALL the attention.  Well, I can’t wait to come to Italo and Wanda’s so I can see you again.  I also can’t wait until our house in Galloway is finished and we start school out there.  This school sucks.  Maybe you can come to our new house when it is done.

Love your best friend forever,

Nicole Hannum

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