Dear Harrolson

April 20, 2056

Dear Harrolson,

How are you doing?  It has been a while since I have heard from you my old work companion.  How has retirement treated you and your family?  My husband and I were sitting outside on the porch earlier today reminiscing on the years past.  My, how time just flies.  Our children’s children are no longer babies, and we are great-grandparents now.   That is a true meaning of success when the family is doing well for itself.

Although,  there are many other things in my life I can say that I am happy about.  I have been graced with the ability to entertain people with a few good  reads, even if it did take me a while to get there.

Before that, I spent many years subbing while I past my time away leisure reading and submitting book reviews online.  I even spent an extensive amount of time in the accounting field.

Way back in the day, a few years out from high-school, I served my country and enlisted into the Marine Corps.   Not a day goes by where I don’t regret not reenlisting.  I really should have reenlisted.  Oh well.  I still serve the veterans and give back to the community in some sort of way.  I embraced my short lived experience in helping them by finding services they might need as a member of the local Veterans Advisory Board.   Things happen for a reason.  Had I reenlisted, I wouldn’t have met my adoring husband.

I know my memory isn’t what it used to be. but I am fond of the moments I am able to capture NOW during the holidays especially with my family and my husband.  After all, we aren’t promised tomorrow.  So I am truly glad about today to be sitting here catching up on some of the few moments I CAN remember.

Last but not least, I am fondest of all of EVERY moment I get to spend here on the porch swing holding hands with my one true companion.  I hope you, too, are still making everlasting memories, and I hope this letter finds you soon.  I hope to hear from you in good health and of a youthful heart.  Because remember- age is just a number; we are only as young as we feel.

Happy New Year Baby!

Your Dear Friend


Nicole Scribner


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