Today I started reading a book called Seize the Story.   It is interesting.  It prompted me to write about a character.  Of course, the topic I wrote about wasn’t the topic that they outlined, but part of creative writing is just that, so why not take a stab at it?  Any way, Clarence is his name.  No, my characters in a book will not be Clarence (or perhaps that will be a sidebar idea).

Clarence was cut and his chest was chiseled.  He was the perfect complexion for an ice sculptor.  If he stood outside on a hot summer day, he would melt, not because of his pale skin tone, but because his skin almost looked surreal.  It was wax-like, as well as a perfect balance of white and pigment of brown.  He bronzed quite well.   However, he almost looked like he was pumped full of steroids.  He was built and ripped,  (just plain ripped- every man’s aspiration).  This was  his natural look though.    He did no drugs whatsoever.  He had long wavy hair- shoulder length that he pulled back into a ponytail.  He was the perfect “Chip and Dale.”  Clarence was an angel on earth that was every women’s dream date.  But he wasn’t a sport of any sort.  Although he did his best to keep in shape.  He was who he was.  He worked at it and ate healthy.  As a result, Clarence had the physique.


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