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S. O. A. P. Devotions Ps 24 12/11 & Ex 20 12/12

Soap- Psalm 24 and Exodus 20. #FusionSOAP. 
SCRIPTURE- Ps 24:1; Ps 24:3-6; Ex 20:18-20

OBSERVATION- Through these scriptures, God is speaking to me that he has dominion over ALL of us and the world. He LOVES us and WANTS us to fear him out of obedience AND love for his holiness. He doesn’t want part of us but ALL of us. He did give us his ONLY begotten Son…(John 3:16), and WANTS us NOT to sin, BUT knowing that we were born sinners, Jesus took on the ultimate price for US so that we WILL KNOW God MORE fully. 
The Ten Commandments are a set of rules that were established by God through Moses (Exodus 20) so that we should WANT to OBEY God and not sin, BUT because of Adam and Eve, we will ALWAYS fall short. However, out of obedience to God, it is our DESIRE to WANT to follow the Ten Commandments, even though, by grace we were ALL given Jesus so that we may have eternal peace with our Heavenly Father. There is no other unconditional love deeper than that of OUR AWESOME GOD. 
APPLICATION- This applies to my life right now and forever because I need a set of rules that God has outlined. Furthermore, I want to be obedient to God because while I’m still a sinner he still loves me. 
Prayer- Dear Heavenly Father, Lord 
I want to thank you for every moment of devotional time that you allow me to spend with your Holiness and teaching me your wisdom. I ask that you continue to guide me in the ways that glorify you God. It is ONLY through you, Lord that I am able to accomplish ANYTHING dear God. I ask you to allow me to be a blessing to others because through you EVERYTHING is possible. In your Son’s precious name I pray, Dear God, AMEN.


I think I reblogged “Glinting Behind” which I liked as well. My style! I loved it. But I loved this as well if my phone would actually cooperate with me.


Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to follow the instructions. The reasons vary greatly on why that is.

(You don’t need help!)

(You know what you’re doing.)

(That detail wasn’t that important.)

(You misread them.)

(You can’t read them.)

(You forgot to check.)

(You didn’t have them in the first place.)

(Life isn’t that straightforward, better not chance it blowing up when winging it has always worked in the past.)

My mom has this little plaque that she got for Mother’s Day one year (or was it Christmas?).

Anyone can make a plan, but it takes great Management to leap from crisis to crisis.

Like a lot of people, my life has been chaos for most of my life, no matter how hard my mom tried to make it otherwise. Some of it was my fault (kids can be really stupid), some of it was just life being life…

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The Player- they risk everything to hide their true feelings,

Do they really find true love where they are or is that just a facade?

The Player- they stop meeting their secret lover,

At the risk of getting caught,

Or is it because their feelings are really too strong,

And they are afraid of what REALLY is?

Who are they really PLAYING?

Are they cheating themselves, or their so-called significant others,

For a chance at what really could be- they will never know- WHY?

Because they don’t seek closure, they are NOT FORTHRIGHT,

Or honest with themselves- No- the PLAYER is-

Portentious– they may APPEAR to be important, but it is based on a lie- the BAD and the UGLY, they are-

Liars– because they are only fooling themselves, as well as those around them.  Soon they may find themselves,

Alone-  because of their Asanine and foolish behavior- YES- CLOSURE IS A good thing!

Yet they tend to be shallow, not considering the people they hurt, they only think of themselves.

Evasive when they intrude on other’s territory- only to leave them feeling completely EMOTIONALLY disturbed.

Right your wrongs, and do the right thing, even if it IS the last time you WILL ever speak to the one you cared for yet,

Scared you are to give he/she closure at the cost of finding out how you really feel, and afraid to lose it all.

Tell me, is that Living? Or is that just ceasing to exist in a world so big where everyone has become,

programmed as the Robots that we are – afraid we will do the “wrong” thing or afraid we will “lose” it ALL.

The answer to that question, is- No, it isn’t living because when we live, we take the risk, and we step outside of the box,

And part of that comes at a price- to be honest, and forthright, AND sometimes SCARED.  However, that’s

what makes US human, not robots, and “moral characters” NOT   “P.L.A.Y.E.R.S.”



It is time for a new Start

The amusement park rides have come to a stop.

The fairs and festivals have come to a Close.

There is a new shade of Hue-

It’s called a season of fall or autumn

Attracting us to,

 The change of colors on the trees ,

to the many different browns, oranges, yellows, ambers,

and other colors of fall.

The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary.

Yes, the days become longer- for the

Children especially.

Teachers introduces themselves,

as do the students.

Outlines of class rules are listed

on the chalkboard.

Children comply, or visit the office,

and lose time from recess- Oh no!

Parents take a break from all the Looneyness!

Yes, they reminisce, and they may be a bit tear stricken-

When  “Johnny”  enters kindergarten.

But memories were created with the flash of a camera, or the

creation of a video, or the snap of a wrist,

and writing skills

Taking up pages in a journal-

And believe it or not,

The older WE get,

Time Flies.

Summer will be here before you know it,

And the children will break once again from school.

So enjoy the crisp Autumn air, and

the smell of pumpkin spice,

the views of fall’s harvest;

enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and

the Christmas holiday hustle and bustle.

Because S.C.H.O.O.L.  WILL be out,

Quicker than you know,


Students will-

Chill out in the summer

Heat and enjoy the

Ocean breeze as well as

Other summer activities with family and friends,

And let’s just face it-


Look up to us- to make memories happen

Before S.C.H.O.O.L. repeats again!

So remember to live, laugh, love & be happy ALL the time!

Caretaking: Codependent You May……………#2

feel anxiety, pity, and guilt when other people have a problem.

Wow.  Does this happen often.  Especially with my oldest son.  Not so much with my husband or my younger son.  However, if something isn’t right, my oldest son has a way of making me feel guilty.  We are A LOT a like.  That may have something to do with it.  I am not sure.  Let me give you a for instance:  Husband brings home a bike for my youngest son and not my oldest.  So when my husband isn’t home, my son tries to make me feel guilty as to why he should have a bike also.  I mean he is older.  What has he EVER done to not deserve that bike?!  It’s a race bike.

Or- my older son bought a 30 microsoft points card and downloaded the points onto the xbox so that he could buy a game.  Yet there was an age restriction.  He pulls the guilt trip with me again.  Great there is only one more day of the sale, and throws a temper tantrum – “I wasted my money buying this card.”  “There’s NOTHING you can do for me MOM?”

I just feel so bad that he does these things and my hands are tied.  He plays right into my emotions.  Yes, I feel anxiety, pity, and guilt when other people have a problem- especially when they are people that are close to me.  Qualification 2- MET


What are your thoughts?  Suggestions.  Advice?  Anyone?


Writing Process Blog Hop!

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The Writer Next Door


Hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far. Welcome to my blog. My lovely friend, Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin, has invited me to participate in a writing process blog hop. Yolanda is a very talented poet and writer, and you can read and enjoy her work in her blog: Life Love and Other Catastrophes. Please check out her poems, you will not be disappointed.



  1. Introduce who referred the blog tour to you.
  2.  Answer the following 4 questions:

1) What am I working on?

2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

3) Why do I write what I do?

4) How does my writing process work?

  1. Introduce the people you’re passing this on to who will then post a week later.


***Since I have participated in the Writing Process Blog Hop a couple of times already I decided to…

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His Healing Love

This is a Poem that was given to me by a fellow church member:

Close your eyes for a moment

and lean back in your chair.

Can you feel something wonderful

around you in the air?

Can you see the pretty flowers

growing in their garden bed?

Can you hear a little sparrow

singing as he lifts his head?

Can you see the fluffy white

clouds drift across the sky?

Can you feel the wind on

your face as it rushes by?

Can you see your guardian angel

with her golden wings?

Can you feel her tender touch

as you see and hear these things?

All these sounds and sights come

down from high above.

It is your Heavenly Father’s way to

send you His Healing Love.

Nina J. Hartman   1996   C