An Ordinary Day with the Family

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“Mother Nature  is crying,” James said.  we got caught in a monsoon from the house to the car, and probably to the movie theatre.  What a peculiar time to go to the movies! I even used the umbrella, AND STILL GOT WET! SO NOT HAPPY!

Anyway, Mother Nature needs to hydrate the environment every once in a while, so why not?

The kids are watching Lone Survivor.  I’m watching American Hustle.  Nathan is taking his time with a t-shirt, so I can imagine how that is going with my husband while James and I sit patiently in the car waiting.  My movie is going to start in ten minutes, and if he makes me late so help me GOD! I HATE being late to the movies.  We are going to be late. HONK!!!

OK,  so I missed about 15 minutes of American Hustle because I got stuck behind “STUPID” 2X’s.   The first time I got stuck was behind a pickup that went 30 in a 50. Road Rage! Then when we went to turn, someone decided to pull into the same lane as me a split-second as I was pulling up to them. SUPER ROAD RAGE! So let’s get this straight:  Tonight we have the deck stacked against us:  rain, time and stupid, stupid, stupid, – and did I forget to mention really STUPID people!  YAY!  I really try not to be negative, but let’s face it, some people just love to crawl under your skin real bad, and I don’t think they realize they are doing it.  I guess KARMA is a BITCH if you choose to read some of my other pages.

Anyway, damage control.  We finally arrived at destination movie theatre: Regal Cinemas.  So, given the time, I dropped the kid off at the front entrance, and told them to get in line.  I hate rain and movies.  That only means one thing- anticipate more waiting.  What a WAIT! Oh well!! So I used my veteran’s discount, regal rewards, and free movie card.  I said to the supervisor that “Two children are going to see Lone Survivor, and one Adult for American Hustle.”  Unfortunately, the supervisor’s manager hadn’t’ left the building  yet, (and I wasn’t thinking about the rating of the movie in accordance to the ages of my children so that only complicated things more) so she had a stick stuck up her ass.   She was rigid and obliged to follow the rules.  A parent must be with the children to watch Lone Survivor if they are under 17.   I was so stunned. But rules are rules.  Besides, I missed the previews at this point in my movie, and the kids still wanted popcorn.  So, I am still wasting time.  Now I am on damage control.  This girl was on me like a hawk because I was so raging since I was annoyed from the traffic since I walked in there.

Anyway, we were in line to get popcorn.  Lone Survivor is in Auditorium 7, and American Hustle is in 14.   WOW!  I got this information from the usher before we got in line for popcorn.  As we were about to get popcorn, said supervisor showed up to help concession stand.  I just can’t get enough of her.  Won’t you please go away?  So we ordered our food, and went to Lone Survivor.   Ok, so I know where the kids are sitting.  Now, to sneak out of this movie, and sneak over to American Hustle and watch it.  FINALLY.  Which, by the way, like a kid in the candy store, so not worth getting caught.  It wasn’t really that great.  However, there were some good quotes that I could walk away from and some good actors that made me want to see it, like from Silver Linings Playbook:  Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.  Love them.  They really are great actors.

My favorite actors and Quotes in American Hustle:

The con artists:  Christian Bale, and Amy Adams;  Rosalyn- Irving’s wife; Richie- Cop who wants to take down big white collar crime, and is thinking “Outside the box.”

Jennifer Lawrence (Rosalyn)- And you know I would never say anything bad about your father in front of you, but your father is a sick son of a bitch.

Christian Bale (Irving)- That’s the way the world works.  Not black and white like you say but gray.

Bradley Cooper (Richie)- There’s imaginative things working in this office.  Alright. We’re not just working in a box.

Amy Adams (Sydney Prosser)-You’re nothing to me until you’re EVERYTHING.

Ok.  The movie is over.  Now I am waiting.   Now I am headed over to the mall, so we can pick something up over at Hollister and go home.  The kids want something at Hollister and Nathan has a Giftcard from Christmas.  No more hustle and bustle of the holiday.  I am glad it is back to the solitude.  It is peace and quiet.

The kids walked down to Level Up while I waited for Pete to get here.  He was going to go to the gym, but it was closed.  So he went to Foreman Mills.  NOW I am wasting space on paper doing uncreative, and unfictional writing.  Blah, Blah, Blah.  So much for Hollister RIGHT NOW and HOME!  Now Nathan and James are trying to get something at Game Stop. I despise the XBOX.  Really, I do.  It gives me a GOD forsaken headache.  All they do she they are home is play, play, play.  I want to go home. Oh- there was one thing I did want to do-  I wanted to get in touch with my childish side, so I went to Build-A-Bear, but I wanted to Build-A-Pig.  Do you know they have every other animal, BUT?!  Guess I am saving that for another time.  Maybe they will have pigs some other time, and I save my money.  I am glad it was just a thought.

I rubbed salmon flavored (not lotion) stuff that goes on food all over the cat last night.  Then read the directions.  I really have to start getting into the practice of reading the directions first.  It really does help.  What would I do if I didn’t have a bath trained cat?  He is more docile than the dog.  He didn’t like it.  But he barely put up a fight.  Furthermore, he smells like dove.  We are trying to rid him this “Dandruffy” flaky skin.  I feel so bad for him.

Anyway, the kids are ready.  So now we are going to spend more money at Hollister.  I have legos to return to GOD knows where.  When we finally got home after stopping under the light to help Pete change the oil in the Grand Marquis, we had some home made beef brisket, with some mashed potatoes and corn.  Yummy.  Now it is time to hit the hay.  I think I will proof read this tomorrow.  Or if you want to read this, take a stab for your pleasure, and see if you can find anything that needs correction.  Thank you.

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