A Shade of Vampire Book Review

This is definitely a gripping book. It is different by far. I was a little confused at first, but if you have ever read the “Game of Thrones,” each chapter is set up character by character point of view. That makes it appealing. Bella’s perspective of vampires is not at all the same as Stephanie Meyer’s, but each person has a different taste preference. I would like to think of her as more of the Ann Rice? Vampire kind, but more in a modern sense of the world.  Other than a romance setting, where a girl by the name of Sofia is taken hostage, or kidnapped, by a vampire coven from her best friend Ben’s family who supports her,  things appear to be rather unclear in the beginning,  but it is interesting to see where things go because we don’t know what  is going to happen. We like a good suspense. So naturally I continue to read.So Sofia met Lucas, Vivienne, and Derek Novak (all vampire siblings part of a clan), and other kidnapped girls, where they are lead to a place called The Shade. The girls, including Sofia will start their life of slavery. However,  Derek Novak sees Sofia’s soft human qualities when she tries to pacify one of the other girls who is trembling from fear of what will happen next, and is entranced by this because he hates who he is.

This is where the story really picks up. Allow Bella Forrest to take you on the rest of the journey from there. Will Sofia reunite with Ben again? If she does, what will her future be?

Again,  in my opinion,  for a diehard Twilight fan, this was a gripping start to a romance novel in the wonderful world of vampires, even if Bella Forrest gives these vampires slightly human traits, such as blood shed.

How Bella Forrest grips me into this story as she did book one, is because I am not sure what the whole main theme is, and I want to know what they are really fighting for.  So naturally I kept reading, and I could NOT put the book down until I got some answers. This book may have catapulted us into finding out the answers to those questions. I think you may be surprised at some of the answers.  I know that I was, but at the risk of giving key points of the story away, I will not share.  I will allow Ms. Forrest to do so.  Things start out in the beginning with Ben and Sofia, naturally doing well, but wind up quite the opposite as in book one. Sofia resides in The Shade. Furthermore, she has most of her questions about the history of The Shade answered by Derek, Corrine, and quite a few other tours to areas such as the Catacombs. In other areas near by, the “hunters” are preparing for an uprising, and Ben has joined the ranks. He is also surprised at who Reuben, the leader of the hunters really is. They will stop at nothing to kill off the vampire population, and they believe Ben knows more than he lets on.See what else is happening amongst other members of the Elite clan of vampires as Bella Forrest takes you on another suspenseful page turner, and see why Sophia may be an important asset of the “prophecy” Corrine has called upon.

Where is Vivienne? Who insisted that Sofia go back to The Shade? Who is Borys Maslen? Who is Ingred Maslen?

What does book three hold in store for us? One can only know? In my opinion, I am ready to read book three. Are you ready to start book two? Were you fascinated, such as myself with book one? Enjoy. I hope you will not be disappointed. Happy Reads.

Just when I thought I understood where the story was going, I was lead astray with much of the story line unraveling in the third book. However,  some things may seem disappointing from a Twilight reader perspective, but it is necessary to keep the story going. We find out that Sofia is immune and why many key vampires want her so badly. We find out the importance, and the role Ingrid (Camilla) plays in the story, but she is least of all maternal. Do not let her fool you. Finally, we find out the important role of Reuben (Aiden-Sofia’s father-the hunter).See how the story unravels, and how Derek, Aiden and Ben save Sofia from her monster mother and Borys Maslyn at the Oasis only to bring her back to hunter’s headquarters. Does Ben survive? What is the meaning of true sanctuary? Will Derek and Sofia find their way back to each other If Sofia is “the immune,” is it really all that important to Derek since Sofia cannot be turned into a vampire? What lies ahead? Bella Forrest leaves us hanging. So I went ahead and read the 4th book for answers to these unsolved answers. Will you.It is a good read, as well as fast and easy to understand. I am now onto the fifth book. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

A Shade Of Vampire 4: A Shadow Of Light (Kindle Edition)
Maybe the light is coming finally. Darkness was with Derek for a short time, until Sofia and Derek reunited. Sofia’s father would not let her out of her sight with good reason. However, there was much going on at the Shade, and they were in need of Sofia’s help, if she was to provide “true sanctuary.”

So many things are left to question though, even at the end of this book. Could we really trust the hunters? There was no cure really administered to Ingrid/Camilla the -bitch or heartless mother, and Borys just had to go. I can’t believe she would sacrifice her daughter time after time after time-vampire or not to that ruthless, cold hearted piece of shit monster. Hopefully, we all see what he has coming to him. Do Sofia, and Vivienne win a battle that needed to be won against Borys, when Sofia’s life was at stake?

When will we find out why it was too late for Gregor to switch sides? He just now saw the light. But it was too late. Finally, what will be at stake for all the covens as well as the life of Sofia, when they do meet the “original” vampire, if “the immune” is not the cure or the potential to true sanctuary, then who or what really is to this so-called curse?

Will Bella Forrest unravel our unanswered questions to these mystery questions in Book Five: A Blaze of Sun? The reason I like her books- she keeps you coming back for more. Hopefully, there is no cliffhanger at the end of the series. Please satisfy us- Ms. Forrest. I stayed with you this long. I am ready to see how you end this series. Thank you for the twists and turns along the way.  I guess we are in it for another two books surprisingly.

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