#31 Just to Catch Up.

I know you are thinking- “Where have I been?” Am I right?  How can I ever succeed as a writer if I don’t take the time to work on my writing, journaling, blogging, so on and etcetera?  I guess I really can’t.  Well, quite frankly, I have been busy reading- ALOT, and spending a little bit of time- CONDITIONING- or should I say RECONDITIONING.  Furthermore, I haven’t really been “in the mood”  to do any writing or journaling.  I really feel as though I have been in a rut.

However, this is for my fellow writers in the community.  I’m still alive, and working at it.  My kids DO keep me busy and take a LARGE chunk of time away from my ASPIRATIONS as a writer,  but I’m not going to give up- even IF everyday is a challenge.  SO BE IT!

You ask me how busy I have been?  Well let’s see- I have been helping out a friend.  Her husband is trying to get his business off the ground, and would like me to go door to door and put flyers out.  That takes four hours away from my time.  I spend large amounts of time leisure reading.  I am doing some freelance accounting for a company in London.  That takes up about 20 hours of my time per month.  And I spend about 50 miles a month reconditioning my self as I have mentioned before.  That equivolates to ALOT of hours because I move just about as fast as a turtle- no kidding! Finally, I chaeffer the kids around to doctors appointments, morning mentor programs, and morning summer band programs.  There, phew.  I’m out of breath just at the mention of all of that- REALLY I AM!  The day and a life of a mother of children.  And summer was supposed to be leisurely?!  When will we get OUR day at the BEACH?!  

I know, eventually we will because I said we will- polar vortex or not.  Quite frankly it hasn’t really been a hot summer here in New Jersey thank GOD.  I really shouldn’t be complaining.  I just hope that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an ARCTIC winter because it was unbearably cold this winter.  Don’t get me wrong- I love COLD weather and snow, but not an extended winter.

Well, I am going to work on my project, the real reason I came to the library today.  I am in the process of taking a book and putting it into a play.


P.S.  After 14 long years, my X-husband is making amends, and NOW wants to be part of my oldest sons life.  REALLY!?  I really am impressed believe it or not.  He has been calling every two weeks, and keeping in touch via letter.  Furthermore, he is telling me how I can make sure my oldest son can get a scholarship, and make sure he is taken care of come Christmas.  This is a blessing in disguise.  Thank you Matt for finally stepping up to the plate.  Every little bit helps.

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