#27 A Good Sci-Fi Read for the Youth 4 Stars


the doom machine, by MARK TEAGUE was an interesting book for today’s youth- as well as people, such as myself to pass the time away. It wasn’t anything magical so I didn’t give it a five star. But it was an interesting play on words. I took lots of sticky notes like my children do in school. You will note that quite a few words are mispronounced upon the aliens arrival. Just like the author wanted to put more emphasis on himself and not the title. I guess because the story winds up not being gloomy in the end after all- maybe that’s why the title is lower cased. Anyway, an ordinary boy by the name of Jack Creedle who delivers papers for the Sentinel to stay out of trouble, lives with his mother and his Uncle Bud at the Pines Boarding House. However, he always seemed to find trouble. In fact, he wound up in juvenile detention because he broke into school on a bet. However, this wasn’t the worst of his troubles. Some out of towers- a scientist mother, and her daughter- Isadora Shumway also add appeal to the story. They get stuck when their car breaks down in this little town of Vern Hollow, after an alien invasion, and that is when the real adventure takes place. The alien Skreeps want something that we have, and they will stop at nothing to get it. In fact, in obtaining their special item from Bud Creedle, they also take with them hostages on their return trip to Skreepia- which is a journey in and of itself. I invite you to read Mark Teague’s play on words, and allow Jack Creedle and Isadora Shumway to take you on a journey from earth and the many places they will embark in space, not only to save their planet that’s in danger, but also Jack’s scheming Uncle Bud and Isadora’s mother, and a few other people we probably would have left in space if it was our journey- like Grady Webb, and Sergeant Webb. Happy Reading

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