#26 What do we do without GPS/Technology

This is the second time it has happened to me.  Let me tell you what it is like without technology when it is taken away from you when you depend on it EVERYDAY.  It really isn’t good.  People have really come to rely on it.  We have really put ALL our trust into a GPS device to get us where we need to go.  But what happens when that breaks down?  I will tell you what happens:  we actually have to do things the old fashioned way.  Yes exactly, that’s right.  It might mean we have to leave a little bit earlier.  We educate ourselves on the REAL use of street signs, and maybe, like my son said today – “Purchase an atlas.”  Okay.  I am not going to that extreme.  However, this is what I DID do today.  I DID rely on street signs and local residents.

I was using my GPS application on my phone, when all of a sudden my phone went dead, and the car charger would NOT charge it.  I was on my way to a game, and thank GOD I left a little earlier than usual because I did not consider this was going to happen.  Anyway, I stopped at a gas station and plugged my phone in, and waited for a few minutes for my phone to get some juice.  As soon as my phone came to life, I went into the maps app, and wrote down the remainder of the directions.  Luckily, we were close enough that I didn’t need to transcribe a novel of directions.  We were 16 minutes away from the baseball field, so it wasn’t that bad.  Of course, I didn’t completely understand the directions I wrote down, so like I was saying, a map would probably be useful, and I actually had to rely on street signs being accurate, because I would have wound up in East Jabip, had I not followed the street signs to get me to the proper destination.  I am not saying that what I wrote down was wrong.  I am just saying that when we miss what that GPS navigator is saying, reading our directions isn’t always the same thing.  It’s a little bit confusing.  Basically, some of us have to rely on what little bit of common sense we may or may not have.  The problem with me- I’m textbook smart.

Finally, I also have a local resident to thank for getting me from one end of main street to the other, so that I could get to my final destination.  This is what I did without technology.

I think I will someday, really try a week without any technology, and see how I do.  It is really a challenge for a minute.  Imagine a week.

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