#23 Blogging for Profit Day 3

Today’s assignment is to search out two new blogs in my niche successfully.  This task shouldn’t be all that difficult, since I have been at that at creation of my site. I’ve been seeking out blogs within my niche along the way.  So I suppose there is no time to start like the present, so I can journal my experiences with you.  Besides, I’m going to keep my writing short today.  I am more in the mood for some fun reading, as well as intellectual reading.  Finally, I am listening to my son read a book by Mary Downing Hahn- Wait Til Helen Comes.  It is a good book for a 5th grader and other young readers.  I, myself haven’t read it, but I intend to.  I read many books that my children read.  So lets get started on Project Blog.  And just in case you forgot, where I am getting my information from:  http://blogforprofit.com/28-days-to-build-a-successful-blog/28-days-to-build-a-successful-blog-the-final-list-of-post/

1.  I identified with The Crazy Antics of My Creative Mind as one who is in my writing niche.  In fact, I asked her to follow me.  The blog that caught my attention is title:  Writing Prompt #1: and also identified a link:  Dailypost.wordpress.com, The 365 Days of Writing Prompts.  On another note, I asked the blogger two questions:  1.  What is an FMC? and 2.  Would you please follow me?

2.  I identified with Stephen Hooper-Novelist as one who is also in my writing niche (over time) (because my platform someday that I would like to write a fiction novel- and I will not exclude the idea of epic fiction).  The blog that caught my attention is title:  Off With the Editors.  He caught my eye because he switched gears from a non-fiction writing standard, and dove head first into his first series (Boharn Series-currently “in the hands of the editors”) of epic fiction.  I wish you the best of luck.  I asked him to follow me as well.

This ends Project Blog for Day 3.

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