#21 Random Stuff

I can NOT keep falling prey to others at the expense of my children.  Boredom is killing me. Idol hands are the work of the devil.  I have now missed several job opportunities because I did not have fast fingers, and when I finally did “ACCEPT” a job, it was to Cedar Creek High School on the 21st, but I thought it was for tomorrow.  I would still like to work tomorrow.  I  LOVE Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District.  Finally, I LOVE Nathan’s future high school alma mater (did I spell that right)?

At about this time, I should probably share my findings on my blog.

Oh, I remember what I came up with earlier, but I’m really not sure of its significance yet.  Now I do.  People are not who they say they are, so it is NOT worth posting.  Rules were meant to be made, and rules are meant to be broken.  Oh well.  Some people (myself included) are just unstable.  I guess some people are worthy of writing off.  No sidebar issue now.  I think I would still rather benefit from SA (sex addicts anonymous) as my therapist suggested.

I have nothing much else to say right now.

I will talk later.  It has been a pleasure.


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