The Player- they risk everything to hide their true feelings,

Do they really find true love where they are or is that just a facade?

The Player- they stop meeting their secret lover,

At the risk of getting caught,

Or is it because their feelings are really too strong,

And they are afraid of what REALLY is?

Who are they really PLAYING?

Are they cheating themselves, or their so-called significant others,

For a chance at what really could be- they will never know- WHY?

Because they don’t seek closure, they are NOT FORTHRIGHT,

Or honest with themselves- No- the PLAYER is-

Portentious– they may APPEAR to be important, but it is based on a lie- the BAD and the UGLY, they are-

Liars– because they are only fooling themselves, as well as those around them.  Soon they may find themselves,

Alone-  because of their Asanine and foolish behavior- YES- CLOSURE IS A good thing!

Yet they tend to be shallow, not considering the people they hurt, they only think of themselves.

Evasive when they intrude on other’s territory- only to leave them feeling completely EMOTIONALLY disturbed.

Right your wrongs, and do the right thing, even if it IS the last time you WILL ever speak to the one you cared for yet,

Scared you are to give he/she closure at the cost of finding out how you really feel, and afraid to lose it all.

Tell me, is that Living? Or is that just ceasing to exist in a world so big where everyone has become,

programmed as the Robots that we are – afraid we will do the “wrong” thing or afraid we will “lose” it ALL.

The answer to that question, is- No, it isn’t living because when we live, we take the risk, and we step outside of the box,

And part of that comes at a price- to be honest, and forthright, AND sometimes SCARED.  However, that’s

what makes US human, not robots, and “moral characters” NOT   “P.L.A.Y.E.R.S.”


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