It is time for a new Start

The amusement park rides have come to a stop.

The fairs and festivals have come to a Close.

There is a new shade of Hue-

It’s called a season of fall or autumn

Attracting us to,

 The change of colors on the trees ,

to the many different browns, oranges, yellows, ambers,

and other colors of fall.

The Ordinary becomes Extraordinary.

Yes, the days become longer- for the

Children especially.

Teachers introduces themselves,

as do the students.

Outlines of class rules are listed

on the chalkboard.

Children comply, or visit the office,

and lose time from recess- Oh no!

Parents take a break from all the Looneyness!

Yes, they reminisce, and they may be a bit tear stricken-

When  “Johnny”  enters kindergarten.

But memories were created with the flash of a camera, or the

creation of a video, or the snap of a wrist,

and writing skills

Taking up pages in a journal-

And believe it or not,

The older WE get,

Time Flies.

Summer will be here before you know it,

And the children will break once again from school.

So enjoy the crisp Autumn air, and

the smell of pumpkin spice,

the views of fall’s harvest;

enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and

the Christmas holiday hustle and bustle.

Because S.C.H.O.O.L.  WILL be out,

Quicker than you know,


Students will-

Chill out in the summer

Heat and enjoy the

Ocean breeze as well as

Other summer activities with family and friends,

And let’s just face it-


Look up to us- to make memories happen

Before S.C.H.O.O.L. repeats again!

So remember to live, laugh, love & be happy ALL the time!


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