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Lucky Stars?

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“Star, I don’t think this is going to work!”

The arguments had been going on for well over a solar hour. It was driving her nuts and not in a helpful way.

“We need to halt their advance and unless you can come up with something else or find some way to get us reinforcements that don’t actually exist, this is what we’re stuck with!”

She had tried keeping her cool, keeping her voice calm and her face from eventually growing red in anger, but none of her normal emotional controls seemed to be working. And she didn’t have a clue as to why.

She didn’t really have the time to sit and meditate and try to find an answer for why, she just had to do what she always did. Power through the obstacles that she didn’t know existed and hope that the center would hold. That her center…

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I Like Chicken

Maybe you have written a play before, maybe you have a dream to do so, or maybe the idea has never crossed your mind. So what is writing a play like? How does it feel to accomplish something like that?

As the playwright of I Like Chicken, I thought I’d give a bit of insight about where the inspiration came from.

I Like Chicken performance is based on a dating website.

I’d recently returned home from 3 months of living in NYC where I had been completely inspired as an artist. Something had shifted for me…it wasn’t just about acting anymore! I also wanted to see if I could actually create and direct a piece of work. Naturally, I needed an idea! Although I don’t remember the exact moment I had the idea, I know I was checking out a dating website that was infuriating the hell out of me. All of a sudden I started to think of specific profiles as…

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Playwriting and Improving Dialogue

A Writer In Training

Hey everyone!

I am currently in a playwright class. I took it for a few reasons and none of them being for my dream of writing plays. I wanted to improve my dialogue skills, try something new, expand my writing horizons, it fit in the time slot I needed, was told it was an easy A, and it counted as an elective. So as you can see some of my reasoning’s were meaningful and others… not so much.

BUT! I am actually really enjoying it and feel as though my dialogue writing has really improved! My Professor put it in a good light for me by saying, “You are not the one talking so stop telling them what to say! Let your characters talk, when they have something to say you will hear it!” I know what you are thinking, THE CHARACTERS AREN’T REAL! But in a weird way, after…

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