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Writing Prompt #1

The Crazy Antics of my Creative Mind

I’ve downloaded the ebook from, The 365 Days of Writing Prompts. I’m starting in February as opposed to where the book starts with January 1st.

Writing Prompt: Nightmares: Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I don’t really get nightmares, except when I watch scary movies and after having one I believe I’ve just over thought about the movie too much and taken it to heart and I should just stop watching scary movies.

But I do get the odd “Bad Dream” every once in awhile, this one was quite odd. It was about the characters in my novel that I’m writing. I’m at this one place in the novel where I’m writing about my FMC finally coming home after she skipped town for a couple of years. And despite writing that she had only a few hitches in her friends and family…

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Why we shouldn’t choose

Because our mind starts to wander.

Oppression starts to set in and we,

Resist the desire to,

Expand on on our horizons and try something new, hence our perspective becomes,

Dismal, causing us to choose,

Or NOT to choose the RIGHT path with “Idol Hands,”

Making for even bigger results that are NOT SO GOOD sometimes!




Misplaced, Not Forgotten

Introverted Rebel

Hello, rebels!

I know, I know. I’m sure you’re wondering something along the lines of:

“Where have you been? Why haven’t you posted yet this week? What is more important than this?! SHE FORGOT US!”

You, my dear people, were not forgotten, merely misplaced for a few days. If you want to know with what, I’ll tell you. If you don’t care, then by all means ignore the rest of this post and continue on with your day.

(If you’re staying, here is a complimentary air hug)

Homework kept me busy, astronomy to be specific. It’s a bit of work, but quite interesting. Did you guys know that they’re planning a one way trip to Mars? It’ll be a while, but they’re planning it. Get your application in now.  Aside from learning about Mars, I’ve been catching up on some tv shows, and getting into some new ones…

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