#18 Blogging for Profit Day 1

Following a “bookmark” I found that says “Blog for Profit,” this is truly a test to see if it works, and I guess I will really know on the 28th day.  If anything, I will also gain A LOT of education from it along the way, and maybe pass some information along as well.  So here is the page I have earmarked.  It is right because I copied and pasted it from the internet search engine:  http://blogforprofit.com/28-days-to-build-a-better-blog/.

My first assignment was to 1.  GO OUT AND COMMENT ON ANOTHER BLOG OR TWO OR THREE.   So that is exactly what I did:  I commented  on about three interesting blogs:

1.  Comment one was made on Introverted Rebel’s Blog titled   “Misplaced, Not Forgotten,”  (by the way, I reblogged it because it contained helpful information about publishing your own book)

2.  Comment two was  made on Dysfunctional Literacy’s Blog titled  “4 Ways Not to be Boring” (which I found interesting because I can relate and he also quoted P.T. Barnum and why he ISN’T  boring who said   For me, it’s “Leave them before they get bored.”

3.  Comment three was made on marth0stout’s Blog titled  “Women Being Awesome”  (she shared an acronym for MOTHER, which sometimes as mother’s we are truly under- appreciated).

 Again, I thank all three of you, and there are others for sharing your Blogs for all to read.  They are informative, educational, and creative.
On a side note, I finished reading the 4th book of  A Shade of Vampire (I shared a book review here and one is on Amazon).  I also enjoyed the opportunity of purchasing a book from an Indie Writer that I added to my Google + CM Skiera.  His book is Crimson and Cream.  Look him up on Google.  He has tips to share with up and coming writers-  both amateur (such as myself) and more experienced.
Today I feel a bit successful.  I got quite a bit accomplished.  I even gave my opinion and shed a little light on the grammatical use of   “leaped”    and    “leapt,”  and which one sounds correct in U.S. literacy.
Anyway, tomorrow- President’s Day recognized, I have an assignment in the city that I cannot talk about, and I have to get up early so, I am cutting it short.  Goodnight.

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