#16 Snow Days and Other Stuff

Snow days are beautiful.  I love them.  However, not at the expense of losing income.  So tomorrow (today) I will make money doing the same job I should have done today.  I will be the foreign language teacher at Absegami, which by the way in present terms were good.  I had a really great day.  I loved every minute of it- even the problem classes where the kids didn’t hand in all their assignments.  And because I slept ALL day yesterday, I was wide awake until 12 AM so my husband and I went out to catch a movie for an early Valentine’s Day treat.  He actually watched a romance movie with me.  We watched Endless Love.  Now I am going to read the book as soon as I am done reading the Shade of Vampire series by Bella Forrest.  I would like to see how well the book is written compared to the movie since I was quite happy with the happy ending romance.  The kids stayed home and bled their eyes out on the XBOX.  Well, since I had to be to Absegami early this morning, and I had no idea what mother nature had in store for the morning commute, I had to make this journal entry quick and painless.  Besides I have been at my free writing exercises all day.

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