#15 Bad Egg Portfolios

Hi, my name is Stockholm Finer.  I am a stockbroker in the years leading up to, and a little after the Great Crash that took place on October 29, 1929.  My company- Bad Egg Portfolios, works out of Wall Street, and takes care of several high-end clients who gamble their life-savings on the stock-market, and my job is to be the aggressive pit bull and get them the best, most risky return on investment stocks available, even if they stand to lose everything.  Who cares, Wall Street is doing great right?

Anyway, let me bring you up to snuff on the current events:  basically the bubble burst, and I, like my clients barely survived the Great Crash, or what others know it today as the Stock Market Crash.   As a result of some of my my clients’ risky investments  and their heightened trust and confidence in me, I was saddened to see them go through some seriously difficult times.  Although, I didn’t take a hit ( I wasn’t a gambling man), which is why I was able to do my job because I was of sound mind and I became emotionally detached from my clients and their dangerous investments.  However, that being said, it saddened me to learn that one of my clients took his life after losing a serious amount of money to the stock market crash.  Another one of my clients lost his family, and overdosed to escape his life.  I know these are extreme realities, but they really happened during the collapse of the stock exchange, which lead to the Great Depression.  Eventually, it made me question all that I believed and truly stood for and all that was really right in the world.  I didn’t want to do this anymore.  I felt as though I was cheating people of what they needed most,-  and then they got greedy.  I felt fiscally responsible.  Each and every client was like family to me.  And when you build up that camaraderie, the last thing you want to do is cheat your own family.

I no longer wanted to be a business professional if it meant “robbing” people’s happiness, or being unethical in any sense of the word.  Furthermore, for those two clients who took their lives so young over the loss of money- there was nothing I could do to pacify their families pain.  All I wanted to do was crawl under a rock.  There was no escaping this.  So, in midlife, I changed my identity as well as my profession.  Everybody deserves a fresh start in life.  It is just sad that the collapse of Wall Street touched people in ways that they will never forget.  It was a plague brought on by greed-  “Money CAN be the root of all evil if it is not invested wisely.”   That is the moral of the story.

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