#14 Social Studies *Funny Idea Starter **Interest Group Idea

So today I am once again at Oakcrest High School. Today I am filling in for the Social Studies teacher, and all classes were pretty pleasant- probably even the least behaved class as well. I had office duty, and that, too was fun. The students and staff just make you feel welcome and at home there. But I did take a lesson in Social Studies, along with the students. I actively contributed in the last three periods. I read a section in the Social Studies textbook on the Stock Exchange and the Great Depression, and I answered the questions at the end of the section, just as the students were required to do so.

The Stock Market crashed on October 29, 1929- I believe. Before the Stock Market crashed, the Dow Jones industrial average climbed to 191 points, and right after president Hoover’s inauguration, it had risen another 122 points, causing it to be at an all time high of 381. However, what goes up must come down, and eventually it did, but not in a good way. Bankers ran scared, pooling their money together to buy stock. However, this was a short-lived solution to what would be a long-term problem. The actions that the bankers took on this day became widely known as “Black Tuesday.”   A record of 16.4 million shares were sold with the average 4 million to 8 million shares a day earlier.

As a result of the financially damaging turmoil, our country experienced what we know as “The Great Depression.”  This period lasted from 1929 to 1941- when the United States entered the 2nd World War.  This period reflected high rates of unemployment and decreased gross national product or GNP because people couldn’t  buy anything if they weren’t working.

Some say that the unstable economy in the 1920’s , in part, contributed to the Great Depression, because national wealth was unevenly distributed with most money in the hands of a few families who tended to save or invest, rather than buy goods.

black_tuesday_journal28 Unknown


*An idea starter  from Stock Market but funny comical, fictional-  The Day the Bubble Burst-  gum was all over my shirt.

**Interest Group Idea-  Save a Marriage

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