#12 Another Free-Writing Exercise Today

Have you ever been in a class that you just can’t understand?  However, it piques your interest anyway?  Besides, to keep you from complete and utter boredom you take what you can get.  So today I was the Media teacher at Oakcrest High School.  I have to say that it was fun, but I would never get what goes into Media, as simple or basic as it might seem or not.  So, like I said, that can’t understand feeling- that’s how I felt today.

I wonder what drives people to take Media.  But then I guess  I wonder why or what drives me to want to write when I do.  Or what drove me to do accounting when I did accounting.  I guess at some point I had this thing called a passion.  I know I should write everyday.  If I would only complete the assignments and examples, maybe it would allow the words to flow.  I am not happy with what I wrote about “Clarence.”  In fact, he’s not even the fictional character I came up with a few weeks ago.  So far all I have are their names.  I truly hope that with time, my writing improves.  I feel blocked in all outlets.  Yesterday I substituted , and I could not get the words across no matter how hard I tried in a math lesson.  It is like all the words have been sucked from my head, and I can no longer effectively communicate without my expression sounding like mumbo-jumbo. Like everything else, I hope my communication skills improve.

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